Effects on France of Jews Leaving


While the purpose of French anti-Semitism may be to expel all Jews from France, many French nationals do not consider the effects of this. In the French economy, Jews hold many important positions. For example, Julien Assous is the chief executive officer of a top French financial services company and Ben Adhoute’s father runs a biotechnology company in Paris. Many experts relate the current Jewish withdrawal from France to the 16th and 17th century Huguenot exodus from France, in which French Huguenots left France and boosted the economies of many other European countries and the United States due to their skills. Similarly, if the Jews leave France Israel might experience benefits because many French Jews are highly educated and can contribute to the Israeli economy. Especially with the trending idea of small startup companies in Israel, every French immigrant has the ability to invent something that can be the “next big thing” and will not have to worry about anti-Semitism burdening their life or business. Even though many French national wish to remove all Jews from France, the unintended economic effects may lead to further declines in the French economy. See this editorial from the New York Times for more information.





Jews Being Forced Out of France

428-142116616272969As a result of the rise of anti-Semitism in France, many French Jews feel increasing pressure to leave their homes and immigrate to Israel. Within France, French Jews have no safe haven, and the French government’s need to station soldiers outside of Jewish school and synagogues emphasizes this dismal truth. Especially after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket in 2015, Jews live with in fear and terror, which leads experts to believe that more than 15,000 Jews may leave France that same year. This graph shows the drastic rise in Jews fleeing France from the years prior to 2014 as compared to 2014. Unfortunately, French Jews face now face the difficult choice of leaving their lives in  France behind for the promise of a better future in Israel. But, Israel encourages French Jews to establish new lives in the promised land; in fact, many French Jews take up Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s invitation to immigrate because they would rather rate missile attacks in Israel than live in a state of constant fear in France. Missile attacks may seem more dangerous than domestic violence if France, but the Israeli government protects its population from these attacks unlike the French government which fails to provide adequate protection for its vulnerable Jews.



Anti-Semitism in France

Throughout the world, and specifically France, anti-Semitism poses a major problem for Jews. According to a recent Anti-Defamation League survey, one in our adults around the world harbor anti-Semitic sentiments. In Europe, France has the second highest percentage of anti-Semites with 37 percent which shows in the frequent attacks against Jews.



Percentages and anti-Semitism

Jews being forced to leave

Bad for France

Need to stop it


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